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And Mutt fans are Assholes who need to be stomped dead in their beds

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dear Giam-stachio

With Jorge getting all this facetime at first base, how big a paycut are you willing to take to continue wearing Pinstripes?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mutts Stage Monday Midnight Massacre

Absolutely Classless Bastards
The Mets have fired manager Willie Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson and first base coach Tom Nieto, the team announced shortly after 3 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday.

Bench coach Jerry Manuel has been named the team's interim manager, while Ken Oberkfell, Dan Warthen and Luis Aguayo will join the staff.

Omar Minaya is the biggest douchebag in NY sports. He knew he was going to fire Willie and those coaches before they ever got on the plane to LA. What the hell was the point of having these guys fly out to the West Coast and then fire them? Are you THAT afraid of the NY beat writers that you had to be 3000 miles away before you felt comfortable making this move?

Hey, Omar? Do your really think this new regime is gonna change anything? Will their presence suddenly make that idiot Billy Wagner not blow saves? Will a new pitching coach suddenly make Pedro young again? You've made an art of signing washed up Hispanic players at the tail end of their careers and now you want to blame their failure on Willie?

You're a prick, Minaya, a goddamn prick for doing it like this. Willie Randolph--a bonafide, Brooklyn born baseball hero in this town--deserved better than to be treated like this by some punk like you. You built this team, you asshole bastard. If the Wilpons had any friggin' sense it would have been your head that got chopped.

DIAF, you cocksucking punk fuck.

Monday, June 02, 2008

When He gets Inducted, It's gonna be goddamn Epic!

Hey, God? It's me, TC. Please, oh please please puhleeze let me stay alive long enough to witness Manny's Cooperstown speech.

Manny cements his place in history