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Monday, March 16, 2009

This Is Absolute Crap

Bernie Williams at the plate, His Birthday, Se...Image via Wikipedia

It turns out there is a limit to the cynicism that abounds inside a sports columnist. While I have on occasion judged athletes guilty until proven innocent of the most heinous illegalities, it's impossible to believe that Williams acted with any sort of intent or malice when he scratched the lip of TV host Jeanie Carrion inside a Puerto Rican nightclub.

What can I say? I believe the guy for once, not the woman or her lament. Political correctness only goes so far. Sixteen years of covering Williams is enough proof to make me think this is utter nonsense; that the woman was seriously bugging Williams, who reached for the camera out of frustration and elbowed her face by mistake. That also happens to be the second-hand account of the club owner, Bill Duggan, and it sounds about right.

Since he broke into baseball calling a disheveled bum like myself "Mr. Bondy," Williams has never been known to throw even the tiniest of tantrums, or to demonstrate anything but gracious good will to all. He is shy, we know that. He is a space cadet at times. But he is no lip-banger. Williams was in the club to play jazz, not to carouse. He wasn't asking for trouble of any fashion.

Former Yankee Bernie Williams deserves a better sendoff

That Bernie, nor Paulie, did not get a "day" before they closed down the Old House in da Bronx, is one of the irreversible stains the Steinbrenners will never be able to remove. It is goddamn criminal that we never had the chance to give Bernie and Paulie a proper sendoff in the House they helped bring back to life.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Oh, Joy

You couldn't get this taken care of back in October or November, could you, you goddamn asshole.
Hip expert: A-Rod will need surgery