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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shea Stadium; Citi Field; TAXPAYER PARK!

It's pure, delicious schadenfreude for this fan of the Yankees to see the Mutts get caught up in the Citigroup bailout mess:

The New York Mets theme song for the 2009 season is 'We built this Citi.' The question is whether the Citi will stand.

Questions about whether the humungous 20-year, $400 million naming rights deal that the bank agreed to two years ago for the new Mets stadium would stand up, began when the global financial crisis started. Then the 53,000 jobs cut at Citi, the second largest single job cuts in terms of volume in history. And last night, the government injecting $20 billion into Citigroup.

Citi's $400 Million Deal With Mets Stadium: Will It Stand? -

Ain't very warm in here so far

What the fuck is up with the Hot Stove this year? ESPECIALLY the Sox and Skanks!

Nick Fucking Swisher?

No-Co to the Royale's with Cheese?

C'mon, Theo and Cash! Let's make some DEALS!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the winter meetings aren't til the 8th of December but fer chrissakes get something MOVING!

Roid Rage?

Me thinks the apple falls not far from the tree here

Just wondering what his possible step-mom would have done...