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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Luke-Warm" Hearted Yanks

It seems that in the wake of the death of would be pilot Corey Lidle, the Yanks proceed with plans to hawk plane flying Santa Claus Yankees! Yay! So is it valvoline that runs throught the cold corporate Yankee heart?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh Christ, Not Again - MLB - Lidle dies as plane crashes into Manhattan high-rise:
"A small plane piloted by New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle crashed into a 50-story condominium tower Wednesday on Manhattan's Upper East Side, killing at least four people, authorities said.

Lidle died in the crash."

NYY's Storied Franchise

I stumbled across an interesting article about the founding of the world's greatest sports franchise.... one word that comes to mind - fitting.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Buckle Up! It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Winter

And the madness has already begun. First, the Daily News came out with "sources" claiming Torre was toast; that Darth Boss George wanted him gone and planned to bring back (a la Billy Martin) Lou Pinella, for Sweet Lou's third go-round managing the Yanks.

That particular move made no sense to me, so I considered it highly possible. After all, we're taking about the Bronx Zoo here; sense is quite often an alien concept to this organization (see Johnson, Big Unit Asshole and Pavano, Brittle and Stupid to Boot and... well, pick your fave; there's plenty more examples of crazy moves).

Anyhoo, this morning has the NY Post bannering Joe Won't Go!, claiming they have learned from their own set of "sources" that after mucho soul searching and consultations with his "Inner Circle" and others, including GM Brian Cashman, that Joe won't be going anywhere... yet. There's a presser scheduled for one this afternoon, where this matter will finally be officially put to rest.

For the unitiated, "Inner Circle" roughly translates to The Tampa Mafia, the Yanks' executive suite group of backstabbing bastards housed in the Yankees' Legends Field complex down Florida way. Chief Mafiosi is a clown named Connor, a so-called "pitching guru" who, as far as I can tell, hasn't got anyone he can tout as an example of his "brilliance" at developing (I saw Wang when he played NY/Penn single-A rookie ball for the Baby Bombers here on Staten Island; Connor had nothing to do with that kid. One look and you knew he had the goods fresh off the Taiwan flight) or rehabbing problem pitchers (again, see Pavano, and a couple of others... oh, and your most recent, sage "guru" move, deciding to dump El Duque... that really worked out well, didn't it, you fat hoary-assed fuck!)

Meet The New Boss!
I think ALL these "sources" are members of two factions that are going to have a war before any moves are made this winter, and Torre's status was the opening battle. It's the old guard Tampa Mafia on one side, and DBG's heir apparent, Yankee general partner (and DBG son-in-law) Steve Swindal and his guys on the other side. Swindal is tight with the New York guys, like Torre, Cash, and "Stick" Michael. After last season's playoff implosion, Cashman and Torre demanded the mobsters stop their meddling and backstabbing bullshit--many times through the press, especially Lupica and the other Daily News hacks. Cashman was ready to walk if he didn't get that concession.

DBG agreed, and I have to believe that decision, along with not hanging Torre after the team's second consecutive first round meltdown, was Swindal's doing. Steinbrenner really ain't Darth Boss George anymore. If he was, Torre's ass would have been fired last year. I think the planting of the "Torre's getting canned" story was the Tamp Mafia pushing to regain their juice in the organization, and Swindal smacked them into the gutter the minute he got wind of their latest parlay. While they once had a maddening hold on DBG's ear, Swindal has something way more hardcore when it comes to George: Steinbrenner's daughter is wearing the man's ring. He is family, and DBG has already decided to pass Swindal the crown.

As Drudgiepoo says: Developing....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Let’s Take A Deep Breath

This is a very good line-up; it should not be broken up because of a very small sample in which it underperformed. A bigger problem might be the underlying reason why they didn’t even seem like they showed up in Detroit, but that may have more to do with the manager, and I’ll get back to Mr. Torre in a minute. As I was saying, this team doesn’t need a major overhaul. Sheffield’s option should be picked up to play first base. Who’s better and available? Even ARod should be retained unless he can be traded for young front of the rotation starting pitching. Again, who’s better and available? That would set the lineup as Jeter (he should lead-off), Damon, Abreu, Giambi, Sheffield, ARod, Matsui, Posada, Cano, or some variation thereof. Recent small sample failure notwithstanding, that is a very good lineup and there is no reason that all of them shouldn’t be back for another run.

As for the bench, why not bring back Bernie and Wilson. Bernie played very well this year, especially when he had plenty of rest. Assuming the injury problems that were suffered this year do not recur, he would have enough rest and should be just fine as an elder-statesman reserve, provided he’s willing to play for a fairly small contract. Wilson underperformed this year as a Yankee, but he is a good first baseman, certainly good enough to be a backup and would be a strength as a bench player. The biggest problem next year would be getting Melky the at-bats he needs to continue to develop, but with rotation of the outfield players with each getting rest and Melky filling in at all three positions, he should be able to get sufficient at-bats and keep the other players fresh as well. Now that Matsui’s streak is over, there is no reason he shouldn’t be rested from time to time just like anyone else.

The pitching staff is certainly the weak link on this team. Even that though is not very far away from being a strength. All that is needed is to sign Zito as the number one starter. Push everyone else back one spot and this becomes a very good rotation. The other moves would be to sign Mussina, buy out Wright, let Lidle go and expect Hughes to be called up during the year. Imagine this pitching rotation: Zito, Mussina, Wang, Hughes, Unit (we’re probably stuck with him so we might as well accept it, but he’s not so horrible as a fifth starter during the regular season and should he fail to return to form could be left off the post season roster). Until Hughes is ready, Karstens or Rasner could fill in, and, who knows, Pavano may eventually reappear. The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter who is the fourth or fifth starter in the rotation during the regular season, the offense will carry the team to a division title. The bullpen could stand to be bolstered a little, but it’s not all that far off either, especially if the starters could provide just a little more length, which should occur with Zito added and Hughes called up.

As for the manager, I think it’s time for him to go and I hope Mr. Torre step’s down voluntarily. After his eleven years in New York, he is widely believed to be a great manager, which is in stark contrast to his reputation coming in. I ask you though is that change to his reputation really warranted or is he actually a reason why this team, with all of the talent that has put on this uniform over the last decade plus, only won four times for him. Should he be praised for the four or castigated? Who knows, but he has certainly never been much of an in-game strategist. His major strength was always his reputed skill in managing the personalities of his star players, but after the team entirely failed to show up at all in Detroit this weekend the question is where was Torre’s renowned player management - I’m not saying they would have won either of those games, but they could at least have shown up to play. If Torre can’t get them fired up to play in the postseason, then there is no reason for him to remain as manager. If he steps down gracefully, we can all remember his time as manager fondly, but step down he should or he should be fired.

As for who should come next, I, for one, hope it’s another Joe. I seem to remember that it was Girardi in the pre-game show of Schilling’s “sock” game who suggested that the Yankees should bunt early and often to make Schilling come off the mound. During the game though, I don’t remember a single bunt and that from our current manager who loves and misuses the bunt so often I can’t even remember all of the times I’ve wanted to throw something at the television during games. Maybe slightly underhanded, but at least it suggests that he would try to obtain every advantage he could. It’s true that Girardi is certainly not a completely tested commodity yet, but he did a great job in Florida this year, and I’d love to see what he can do with the Yankees.

Saturday, October 07, 2006




here's a little Scooter:



Burnt Offerings: Round One is The Final Round

Why wait? I demanded annihilation; instead, they forgot how to hit after Damon's rip and then they choked on Kenny Rodgers' ropes.

Everything post-Paulie's goodbye and RhoidBoy being signed, down to saved NY Post and Daily News front and back pages that had been framed and populating my home office's walls; all the various bric-a-brac crap and everything else dating to when everything went totally wrong, are now ashes.

Including those frames, because they can never be used again for fear they carry the playoff losers cooties.

Feh. Wife wants to lock me up.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Retire You BIG Piece of Shit

If that fucking Unit has any honor he will retire after that.

Game three two years in a row.


Burnt Offerings: Round One

I just knew I was gonna torch him first:
0-4; 3 Ks; loaded bases in the first and can't manage to drive in ONE?


Everything with his face or name has been excised via influenced combustion. After the Mutts won, I went back in the yard and pissed on the ashes.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

World Series 2007

Texas Rangers just clinched.

NO PRISONERS! - MLB - Jeter's 5-for-5 night leads Yankees past Tigers:
"'We can throw up runs as fast as anyone," said Damon, who had two of New York's 14 hits.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Darth NO! A-Hole Can Bite Me Brigade

Staten Island Can Always Stomp

Thunders forever
David Jo owes me dough.

An Encouraging Sign?

It won't really show up in the box score (and he was just a little late joining the party in the third), but ARod hit the ball well tonight. Let's hope he keeps it up, balls hit like that are going to find holes.


Intangibles? Who the hell needs intangibles?

This guy is the best there is.

Lucky Start

We were lucky to get 6 2/3 from Wang with only 3 runs given up. Too many fly balls, only 11 ground ball outs.

Let's hope the bullpen can seal the deal, despite Myers' failure.


With Detroit's pitchers having to deal with this lefty/righty nightmare of an All Star batting order:

My goddamned dog should be able to go out on the mound as a third starter and be expected to win. Anything other than total annhiliation of the Tigers, followed by the bludgeoning of any other crew--especially the team from Queens--that stands in the way of another Broadway parade will be considered unacceptable.

If you bastards fuck this up it will cause every bit of Yankee ephemera in my possession (not bearing the name, number or likeness of Thurman Munson, Mickey Mantle, Donnie Baseball and Paul O'Neill) to be tossed in my backyard pit and put to the flame.

You hear me? Lately I've only burned the flag I've flown from Opening Day until you were eliminated; this year, I'll torch the whole damn collection, from tee shirts to caps to souvenir bats.