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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Burnt Offerings: Round One is The Final Round

Why wait? I demanded annihilation; instead, they forgot how to hit after Damon's rip and then they choked on Kenny Rodgers' ropes.

Everything post-Paulie's goodbye and RhoidBoy being signed, down to saved NY Post and Daily News front and back pages that had been framed and populating my home office's walls; all the various bric-a-brac crap and everything else dating to when everything went totally wrong, are now ashes.

Including those frames, because they can never be used again for fear they carry the playoff losers cooties.

Feh. Wife wants to lock me up.


Ric said...

hey, at least you have the Jets!

TC said...

NOW you are gonna go right down the throne.

Drown, dipshit.

TC said...

The Jets play in Jersey.

Ric said...

are you trying to tell me theres a difference?

TC said...


TC said...

The fire in the yard looks kinda cool

TC said...

Wife just came from the basement (where I had been picking things to burn)

Wife: "You got a bin with "Tug" written on the tape."

ME: "Oh, jeebus, will you shut up the fark up. I'm in enough trouble already."

Wife: "It's Met stuff, isn't it?"

ME: "Can you ever shut the fuck up?"

Wife: You got Mutt stuff!"

ME: "No. I got TUG stuff... it's different, kinda."

Wife: "You are SO going to Hell."