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And Mutt fans are Assholes who need to be stomped dead in their beds

Friday, October 06, 2006

Retire You BIG Piece of Shit

If that fucking Unit has any honor he will retire after that.

Game three two years in a row.



Ric said...

"The Road to $300 million"

sneak preview this weekend in NYC theaters!

TC said...

Ric, God bless you, you are such a fucking dick.

no Yankee fan ever believes the money auto buys success.

You anti-Yanks mock them without recognizing that simple salt.

We want them burned at the stake if/when they blow Darth Boss's dream; straight to Mars by choking on the money and hype.

The old guys: Jeter, Jorge, Bernie and Mo, seem to be the only ones who understand this: "WIN. Or FUCK YOU OVERPAID PIECES OF SHIT."