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Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is the first time in years that the season begins with mystery and hope. And it is not just the usual hope (and expectation) for a record breaking regular season record and a dominating World Series victory. This year is it is hope, and hope is all it is, for a great year now, yes, but also for future domination. Future domination with homegrown talent, which for some reason (despite the fact that I have never met, and never expect to, any of the players, homegrown or otherwise) makes it all the more sweet. March 31st can't arrive soon enough.


TC said...

I share the sentiment. This year's team, thanks to the Staten Island Yankees, feels more personal; it's not like "Yankees, Inc." from recent memories. Instead of my usual, "you bastards better win or the TV dies," I'm more "Show 'em. Show 'em ALL that it ain't only about the money."

And I think Girardi is the perfect skipper to pull it off.

El Jefe said...

I can see where you two are getting your panties in a wad. It's like we were last year with a fair bit of 'home grown' talent.

It'll all be for not. We won the Mayor's Cup, Manny's back to being Manny and we're already a game up on the entire league. Might as well get Used Car Bud to hand us the trophy now.

(Now, what to do during the next 161 games....)

TC said...

According to GMT, that's a HALF game, numbnuts.

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

And by tomorrow at this time you'll likely be back to the pack.

El Jefe said...

Ahhh, Spring is most DEFINITELY in the air!

Glad to be back boys!