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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jeter Gets A Big Sloppy Lewinskey

this guy is an absolute asshole:
The case for a plaque is that, so far he isn't a jaw-dropping slugger, league batting champion, record setter or even a one-time Most Valuable Player. Is he a bigger deal than Yogi and Whitey?

The case for a monument so far is about a hundred-fold, such as he is one of the great clutch players ever, has four rings, is very likely to reach 3,000 hits, has three Gold Gloves and breezily handles the responsibility of being an icon on the most pressurized team in the non-stop information age.

I vote for the monument.

I vote this guy is the stupidest git walking the planet. If you follow his tortuous logic, I could make a damn good case that all the seats behind the plate at the new joint should be declared "Thurmanville," but then I'd get in a bitchfest with people insisting that honor should go to Yogi... or PC idiots saying the nod should go to Ellie.

What he should be bitching about is Paulie's number being put back in the mix. THAT is seriously bullshit.

Jeter has earned monument at new Yankee Stadium --


El Jefe said...


They're as meaningful as Rafi Palmeiro's!

So, what, they're gonna bump off the worst shortstop in the league so that they put up a monument for the Park Avenue Playboy?

Don't think it's gonna happen

TC said...

What's worse is this moron even thinks there would actually be a discussion like the one he's pulled out of his ass while writing this dreck.

There ain't gonna be any more monuments erected, period. If Yogi hasn't gotten one then no one currently breathing or yet to be born has a snowball's chance. You take his "case" for Jeter getting a monument and slot in Yogi's accomplishments and his reasoning crashes and burns like last year's Mutts.