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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Shoot Me Now


God hates me.


El Jefe said...

To be fair he didn't look THAT bad.

Hope L'Enfant Petit looks like shit on Tuesday when I'm at the stadium.

TC said...

Pett and Moose ARE the farking pitching staff this year.

Everyone else has just been teasing idiots like me into believing this team has a shot at getting lit on fire come the first round of the playoffs.

But, Pavano?
Motherfucking Carl 'il dooch' PAVANO?!

TC said...

Where you sitting?

I may have friends in projectile distance.

TC said...


I'm in the left side bleachers, with batteries.

Where do i aim?

TC said...

Posting from my Blackberry, which is totally throwable.

Biggest small POS I ever bought.

El Jefe said...

Was in the F'in ONLY non-alcoholic section! Tier 13...fuckers NEVER posted anything about that when I bought 'em!