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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Must Be REALLY Tough Economic Times

I mean, c'mon! All he can get from the Skanks is 7 years and $161M?? That's just barely Santana money. Oh well, at least there's still Food Stamps and WIC to help him pay the bills.


TC said...

Whichever is the next whacked-out contract Cashman offers will be the real doozie.

Most likely Burnett, but maybe Tex?

And it looks like Melky is a goner.

El Jefe said...

$80M for Burnett? Thought Cash was done with ex-Marlins who've banged Milano?

TC said...

Ya gotta remember, Chief, he eventually had to turn to the pariah Pavano last season after the kiddies all went kablooey.

Don't doubt he'll throw the dice again and pray he won't twice get snake eyes.