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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bush is Bush

No matter how you look at. First, The Slap. Then, The Yell. Now, The Mound.

What a tool.

This just about says it all...


TC said...

I got a kick out of the sand-in-his-vagina whining by Dallas Braden because A-Hole did something... well, as you point out, textbook A-Hole.

Sorry, but Braden throwing a hissy fit in the dugout and then mouthing off about this "unwritten rule" bullshit does not make me feel anything close to sympathy.

El Jefe said...

No sympathy for Braden whatsoevah.

I'm tellin' ya, someone is gonna dust him one of these days..

TC said...


He acts like a dick? Drill him. When did that become a "new" idea? Jeter has been getting thrown out for shit he never did dating back to Paul O'Neil.

"They are called Pinstripes Pimps. It means, and you dumb bastards better follow me: A huge hunk of WhitePeopleWhoWishTheyWereBornNigger to see you get fucked in the ass by a midget. My friend Stann has turned into a fucking asshole because, for no discernable reason, he decided he rather be a dirtbag fuck on Brighton Beach than an Honest Immigrant.