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Monday, July 03, 2006

Dude, I Was thisclose to Liking You

...and considering you're a Mutt, that is damn near heresy.

STFU and take it like a man:
The Yankee third baseman swatted a third-inning slam off Alay Soler that turned a 4-2 deficit into a 6-4 lead. Rodriguez watched the ball, tossed his bat and slapped his hands together in what was a relatively modest celebration compared to some. He also looked into the Yankee dugout, which set off the Mets catcher and nearly started a fight.

"It upset me a little that he threw the bat and looked at their dugout," Lo Duca said. "Me, I'm trying to protect my pitcher and I don't want to see my pitcher get shown up, so I let him know that."

As Rodriguez neared the plate, Lo Duca yapped at him. Rodriguez yapped back, before strapping plate umpire Tim McClelland pushed him away. Jason Giambi, who scored on the homer, then started toward Lo Duca, but McClelland pushed him away, too.

boo-fucking-hoo, asswipe. Your pitcher got "shown up" the minute the bat hit the ball. All you did was show the Mutts still know how to bring the dumb.

PS: what the hell is up with “strapping plate umpire Tim McClelland”? I mean, when did St. Sully start covering sports? Methinks the reporter is paying too much attention to the cut of this ump’s jib.


El Jefe said...

Tell me something, does 'St. Sully' speak with a lisp? I don't think I'd EVER refer to an umpire as strapping.

TC said...

/I can't even keep the fake umbrage up.

TC said...
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