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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Morneau beats Jeter for the AL MVP! Jeter is denied additional 2006 paperweight for his office.... In other news, scientists predict a 287% increase in whining over the tri-state area.


TC said...

No whining from my little corner of the tri-state neighborhood. I think I said it here during the season, but I didn't even think Jeter was the most valuable Yankee, nevermind league MVP. After Matsui AND Sheffield both went down, and the Yanks didn't IMMEDIATELY implode I figured that none of the Yanks' individual position players qualified.

For me, the MVP is the guy who, if you remove him from the equation, his team just totally crashes and burns, with no chance of recovering. On the Yanks, that guy's name was Mo.

My MVP vote would have gone to Big Papi. He personally carried the Red Sox on his back for most of the year, keeping them in the playoff hunt before that 5 game series sweep--and the subsequent collapse--knocked them out of contention. If not for him, the Sox would have been toast long before that sweep sealed their fate.

That said, I don't think Morneau was even the most valuable member of the Twins. Johan Santana would get my vote before Morneau if picking from among the Twins... maybe even AL Batting Champ Maeur. I don't have any numbers to back it up, but it feels like Morneau wasn't even on anyone's radar until the last month of the season.

Ric said...

morneau was the predominant reason that the twins had that hot streak and made it to the playoffs... and he put up those numbers batting fifth with no protection. (look who jeter had batting behind him)
also, i read that 55 of papi 131 rbi either tied the game or put the sox in front.

TC said...

"also, i read that 55 of papi 131 rbi either tied the game or put the sox in front."

Exactly! I'd be watching SportsCenter, and on an almost daily basis at certain points of the season they'd have clips of Papi jacking a ball into a gap or the stands to extend or win a game, and I'd be thinking "why do they even pitch to this guy after the sixth inning in a close game? You're asking to get your ass handed to you. Treat him like King Rhoid Barry AND JUST WALK THE SOB!"

And we agree when it comes to Jeter's slot in the lineup. Seriously, if Jeter went down via injury, Torre had (off the top of my head) two easy options to compensate: Cairo takes over at short, or A-Hole gets moved over and Cairo takes over at third. Offensively, sure, you'd be taking a bit of a hit, but defensevily? Not so much.

El Jefe said...

You said it. "Defensively? Not so much." The GG awards are nothing but a sham.

TC said...

It always makes me laugh that Jeter never won a Gold Glove until A-Hole showed up.