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Monday, June 04, 2007

Finally! He Comes Through in the Clutch

Two outs. Two strikes. And a stud closer on the mound.

Then Papelbon attempted to close out A-Rod with a fastball that the Yankees’ cleanup hitter drove through the rain and over the right-field wall for what proved to be the game-winning hit in a pulsating 6-5 Yankees win in front of 36,793 at Fenway Park.


Yay Yanks! Now kick some White Sox ass and maybe I'll have a reason to believe.


El Jefe said...

Good pitch, better swing.

Gotta tip the hat as Gay-Rod drove that through the wind and rain.

TC said...

When someone asks "why is Yanks/Red Sox such a big deal?" that person needs to be sat down, given a quick history lesson, and then shown a tape of these three games.

Those three games had everything you could ask from a weekend series. If you love baseball, you could not ask for more, regardless whether you're a fan of either team.

And if not a fan of the game, STFU and DIAF, you un-American POS!