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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Best Hot Stove Ever?

Alright, here's my predictions for both the Sox and Skanks:

Sox: Lester, Justin Masterson and No-co for Scott Kazmir

Skanks: Combo of two (Hughes, Kennedy, Chamberlain) and The Melkman for Johan Santana


All three pitchers and Melky for Dontrelle Willes AND Miguel Cabrera

Both the Fish and the Twinkies need a CF. Makes more sense to make the Santana move with the caveat they get 72 hours to negotiate a new contract. Although, 'giving up the farm' to get both the D-train and Cabrera fills needs at pitcher and third.

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TC said...

Melky, Kennedy, and one of the AA level pitchers for Miguel.

Joba is going nowhere, period, especially with Mo unsigned.

Hughes could get moved for the right deal, but I cannot see them dealing two of the three kid pitchers for anything less than Dontrelle and miguel.