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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Can Breathe Again


Because the heart of the team is returning, because Jorge Posada is returning, a four-year, $52 million deal all but done that will likely keep him a Yankee until the end of his career. Posada has spent his entire career elbowing his way into the public consciousness, always overshadowed by bigger names and brassier names.

Yet if you were to take a poll among the 4 million-plus who show up at Yankee Stadium every year, if you extend the vote to the millions of others who claim the Yankees as their primary baseball addiction, you will find a battalion of relieved souls this morning....

Derek Jeter may be the nominal captain of the team. Any number of flashier players have posted all manner of flashier numbers through the years. But it has always been Posada who has represented the greater angels of the Yankees' soul, bringing a daily professionalism to the ballpark that is as evident as facade in centerfield and The Bat out by the parking lot.

Cashman and Baby Boss knew that the team in Queens were going to toss an ungodly amount of money at Jorge, so backing off and offering him what he wanted, a four year deal, was really a no-brainer; they gave a similar deal to Damon, so they also knew there would be absolute hell to pay if they let Jorge get away over--in Yankee terms--chump change. They need the steady hand of Posada to help the Kiddie Korps of pitchers that are the centerpiece of Cashman's rebuilding scheme. And with A-Hole out of the equation, they desperately need Posada's bat on the right hand side of the plate.

So now all that's left is Mo, who I am currently leaning towards telling to go fuck off if he won't take what's already on the table after reading this:
Rivera has been sitting on what is believed to be a three-year, $39 million offer for the past few days. The two sides were still negotiating last night, and the deal could still be tweaked.

Rivera, who turns 38 on Nov. 29, even brought his former manager into the discussion yesterday, telling The Associated Press that he would consider a move to join Joe Torre in Los Angeles if things don't work out with the Yankees.

"The Yankees are my first option," said Rivera, who is in the Dominican Republic. "But if that is not possible, there is Joe with the Dodgers."

Mo, I love ya, but you are just as friggin' delusional as A-Hole and Boras if you believe any other team will offer you a better deal than the Yankees, especially the Dodgers. Saying you'd be willing to go over to Yankees West is the first classless thing I've ever seen you do. You've got, maybe, two years left in that arm, Mariano. It takes you a couple of months just to get your act together... that third year at $13 mill is a goddamn gift.
"Kid? Remember: you buy the ticket, you take the ride.... NOW, what are we gonna do with Jeter? Mark my words, he's gonna be a Reggie without the stick."


El Jefe said...

It's a deal that had to be done no matter the cost. A lot of people are going to wince at the length/cost ('specially the Mutts now that Georgie's off the market).

Mo, however, is about as brain-dead on this one as anyone. I've heard $15M/year bandied about that he turned down. Even at $13M he does the Billy Wagner fly-over. Do the deal, Mo, if you know what's best for you.

TC said...

Omar is gonna hate this deal when he's across the table from laDuca's agent.

El Jefe said...

I've been saying for 2 weeks: Lo Duca to the Sox as a backup for 'tek. Makes a TON of sense. Get a stand-up clubhouse guy, someone who can handle a staff, good bat (better in clutch).

What's not to like in Beantown than that? Especially if Lowell is gonna chase the $$$.

TC said...

Lo Duca to the Sox makes sense; you're done with Knuckleboy, right?

Lo Duca has trouble catching sliders....