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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Darth Boss George Brigade

Tell me, some more, how me BOUGHT success:
1B: FARMHAND (mattingly's project)
LF: FARMHAND (got Melk?)
RF: FARMHAND (Burn, Bernie!)
Catch: FARMHAND ("call me Georgie")
Start: FARMHAND (trans: "Staten Island was a gas..")
Save: FARMHAND ("I just throw, man. wasn't Manny a dick?")



Ric said...

isn't SS a farmhand?

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

Correct me if I'm wrong TC, but this line-up is the one that beat the Red Sox Tuesday night, right? The SS was Cairo in that game and thus a trade acquisition. If Jeter had been in it would have been even more skewed in favor of the farmhands.

Let's not forget though the hired gun that walked with the bases loaded to get the game winning RBI (or the hired gun who came up immediately after that and came up small yet again in the late innings).

TC said...

Cairo was a pickup.

I skipped RhoidBoy because I was concentrating the players on the field. I passed over Farnsworth because he was sandwiched between two farmhands.

My point was that, ever since DBG took over the team, they have been getting hammered for buying players instead of developing their own; that lineup put lie to that idea.

Since the short season single A team hit Staten Island, I've seen some studs entering the farm system, and this year it looks like they concentrated on drafting pitchers, so I'm hoping a couple that end up here continue the storyline.

coolrobc said...

I had an argument last night about this with a bunch of RSN citizens on my softball team last night.

Shortly after they complained about the Yankees "buying a team"

Ric said...

are you talking about bought success this year or prior years?

okay- Yanks surely use a number of farmhands these days.... however, in terms of the Yanks offensive success, what is the Yanks percentage of offensive producation of the farmhands compared to the FA's? answer- a small percentage

TC said...

Ric? Fuck you and the Excel spreadsheet you're trying to ride in on.

I'm talking NOW. Real time.

If we wanna look to the past I'm calling "Buckner" on yer ass.