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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dear Prudence

IT IS OFFICIAL: Coalition of the Darkside: Done

"You're a douche, TC" is pretty much the gist. With a bit of arrogant glee, I gotta say... IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!

None of you other fuckers amount in her account. Turns out, you fuckers never even mattered when she decided to stick an elbow in MY eye and send the Coalition into the pigsty to die.

Think about that, dear DBG minions... when it came down to it, you fuckers were not even on the scale. According to Miss Nibs, "It's all about ME--TC!" Them members of this little community have absolutely NO SAY.

sniff...hand me a kerchief...sniff...
"But what about us?"


TC needs to get taken to his KNEES!"

Everything with you is all drama and tirade.

You'd need a fuckin' battalion of JewBoy Guido assholes to lay a glove on me, Garden City. There is no way on God's green Earth you-or anyone associated to you--could ever make me do a heavy breath.

Okay. Let's explain it, and get to the tasty bits...
I sent you an email because it was the proper way to handle it. Not to get into another one of your public displays of ridiculous anger.
Umm... you sent me an automail. And, Esqueeze me? Those displays are how I play, okay? You've known for fuckin' years that's the way I play. You've on and off banned me from ASV precisely because of that exact tendency.

And yet you gave me admin status at Coalition, despite what you now call my (I'm imagining YOU'RE imagining this shit-to-the-whirlwind will fly) major moral slights.

Dead people know I'd probably flip on such shit; I'm a dick.

I tried to tell you what was going on on my end, but you wrote me back with one of your patended, nearly unintelligible tirades telling me that your problems were worse than mine.

It's "PATENTED".... And what I wrote back was, "My life sucks, too. So shut the fuck up and suck it up."

Or something like that.

Here's her original e-mail response to my rant on the Darkside:
Nice of you to talk about me - and "the turtle" in the comments. You know, you could have emailed me. Instead you left your usual pissed off type of thing in one of the posts on the new site. I've been waiting for an email, but i guess you'd rather just bitch about me in comments instead of actually approaching me about anything. I would have explained a lot to you if you just asked me outright, and without being belligerent about it.

Hello? Knowing me--TC (as much as one can from this electronic crap), what in Jeebus's weeping-into-his-VIRGIN-Mother's-Arms... after Her Kid's Head had been cut off at the neck and declared a "prophet of Islam" and tucked into a box of chocolates... WHAT makes ANYONE BELIEVE MY KIND OF CRAP COULD BE UNEXPECTED?

(long, deep, cleansing breath... now grasp the Colt 40)

Toots, all you had to do was say you wanted out. I've previously offered my own server space to house the Coalition stuff--hard core corporate servers, where "bandwidth" means shit--so don't play that shit card on a table where you sit across from me.

BTW: You LI record listening, hair cut wearing fuckers wouldn't know Punk if it bit it in your face...

don't think you can game me; I'm better than you.

... it wouldn't surprise me though if, in the next day, that's exactly what you would say....

Have fun as a Wizbanger!

You sold the Darkside out.

Go say "Hello!" to Pedro.


El Jefe said...

Well, I believe Frank J. brought her over to my world by making her wear the hat. She's never been the same since.

Ric said...

well..... that went well....