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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

DBG's Last Good Thing

He looked really old today...New York Yankees News:
"On a bright, sunny day in the Bronx, the Yankees broke ground on the new Yankee Stadium just across the street from what will ultimately be known as the old Yankee Stadium.

The date, Aug. 16, is already famous in Yankees history as the same date on which Babe Ruth died 58 years ago, but it will undoubtedly take on a new meaning after Wednesday."

It's also my birthday, you shitheads....


El Jefe said...

Damn sorry I missed your bash. Still recovering from the festivities?
Happy Belated Birthday!

Pursuit said...

Hey, you guys should have said something. I go almost a whole season without knowing about your latest rant blog?!

Listen, just tell me we're ok going into Boston, cuz the last two haven't been pretty.

TC said...

Are you telling me you missed the whole fuckiing meltdown at the old joint?

It was a wicked pissa!