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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Say Goodbye to Sheff

New York Daily News - Yankees - Sheff trying out new glove & smile

Your Bronx sojourn is over.


El Jefe said...

Fuck Shitfield. And fuck the Skanks. And fuck you too, TC. WHERE THE FUCK'VE YOU BEEN? And before you spew some punk-ass bitch excuse, I've missed ya', babe.
Anywhowhatsothefuckwhatever, your beloved Times Square hookers are gonna take the East. Yeah, I said it. With V-Tek, Nix, Wake, et FRIGGIN' al., on the DL you can stick a fork in our non-trading deadline asses.

TC said...

I was pretty much avoiding the world, dickhead, but that's over now.

I was really surprised your Boy Genius didn't make any move at all considering all the injuries--especially Wakefield--and then when I heard about Varitek, I was like "Shit! We're gonna win the friggin' division after the whole bloody season being one big circle jerk!"

Now I just need a Mutt meltdown to make me a truly happy camper.

Ric said...

im not ready to concede the division yet. just look at the two teams next three series as an example of how the standings can easily change. the yank's lead in percentage points also allows the sox to acquire a temp catcher like javy lopez and $man cant interfere just to fuck with the sox.

btw- sheff is playing for the sox next year. you heard it here first!

Ric said...

el jefe- i have never seen you make such an explosive comment. i like it!

El Jefe said...


If we sign Shitfield I'm personally headin' to Beantown with my CZ 97B in one hand and Mossberg Mariner in the other.

TC said...

see, you added the Mossberg just because that's like dangling porn in front of my eyes.