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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Say a Prayer for Bobby

New York Daily News - Yankees - Murcer battles brain tumor:
"Murcer, 60, a Yankee institution as a player and broadcaster for 40 years, had been experiencing headaches and a loss of energy in recent days and, after an MRI on Christmas Eve, the tumor was discovered. It was then decided that he would seek treatment at the MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, one of the foremost cancer facilities in the country."
I liked Bobby as a player, but I love Bobby the broadcaster. He's the Anti-McCarver, especially when a game gets out of hand and he and Michael Kay start getting goofy. There were times when you could practically see Kitty thinking "WTF?"

And when the wire him with a mic during Old Timers' games is some of the funniest stuff, evah.
box seats suck!

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