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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Coney Day!

David Cone's perfect game

I say we toss Farnsworth on a bonfire to appeal to the Baseball Gods to please stop fucking with my head!

The regular bees buzzing in my skull don't need any help, m'kay?


Ric said...

you Yanks fans love to desperately cling to past accomplishments. go ahead, please brag about a championship that was won when you still had to wind up cars ;)

TC said...

Let's not be a bitter little shit, Ric. It's not a Yankee fan's fault that your crew are so bereft of laudatory performances that you fuckers can't even pull off an Old Timer's Day, nevermind that, with the exception of one stupendous Yankee fuckup, looking into your past gives you nothing but gas.

Ric said...

Sure the Sox have plenty of accomplishments. I just dont feel the need to wear a teeshirt about them or treat some historical equivalanet to a poop chunk dropped in the toilet of time as a national holiday.