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Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Two Cents

Alright, I listen to MLB on XM nearly every day. During interleague play there are a TON of arguments about schedules being fair. Well, here’s my take:

  1. Go back to a balanced schedule (and balanced leagues)
  2. Keep interleague play but make it balanced as well
  3. Get rid of the divisions and go back to AL/NL

Go back to a balanced schedule. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE that my Sox play the Skanks 19 times a year. The problem is: we play each other 19 times a year. If we went back to a balanced schedule the rivalry would just go nuclear. I believe it is a better test of a team to play everyone the same amount of times. My ‘fix’ is to play everyone in the AL 8 times (FOUR game sets!); 4 at home and away. With a balanced league (yeah, that's right, Bud, 15 teams in each league) that would be 112 games in the AL (8 games times 14 opponents).

Keep interleague play but make it balanced as well. Now here comes the trick. You play ALL the teams from the NL 3 times. You rotate home/away every other year (i.e. Skanks play the Mutts in Queens this year and in the Bronx next year). Interleague game total = 45. Add that to the above ‘league only’ games and you have a 157 game season. Oh, yeah, and while we're at it: DH is used in NL parks and the pitcher hits in the AL.

Get rid of the divisions and go back to AL/NL. No more divisions. Yes, I know it ‘works’ for the NFL. However, it doesn’t work for the NBA (the closest comparison to MLB). IMAFO, with a 157 game season the top 4 teams go to the playoffs same as now. However, the shitty team in a weak division doesn’t get in. You’d have the ‘one seed’ play the ‘four seed’ and the same for the second and third seeds.

Can someone tell me why this doesn't make ANY sense?


TC said...

Agree about the weighted schedule; it drives me nuts that each team in the league doesn't hardly see other teams but everytime I look up I'm watching Tampa Bay, the O's, etc....

As far as interleague play, I'd say just toss it under the bus, but if you have to have it, make it natural rivalries, okay? Yanks/Mutts; Marlins/Devil Rays; Cubbies/White Sox, you get the idea. Some of these matchups MLB regularly schedules make less sense than the divisionally weighted shit.

The divisions are never gonna go away. If anything, MLB should just get on with it and have four divisions, then do away with the wild card. Doing that would at least maybe help kill off the weighted schedule crap to a certain degree.

TC said...

Oh, and as far as the interleague stuff? I want five games against the Mutts; even numbers lead to splits.

Or, in the best of all worlds, bring back the "Mayor's Trophy."

One game; winner gets the keys to the city. Boomer got one after his perfect game and readily admitted, "yeah, I used that fucker!"