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Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'll be back after the All Star Break

Good sweet wailing baby Jeebus... 8-0 and the second isn't over? Somebody gimme a Reggie Bar to throw at this TV screen.

Screw you guys, I'm in the backyard, right now, cooking me some hunks of cow (with an ear aimed at the radio, hoping Suzie finally kills Sterling if for no other reason that "just because"...).


El Jefe said...

You know, when your team is FOUR FUCKING GAMES UNDER 500 and it's the 2nd day of FUCKING JULY would make any fan start putting on The Smiths and rumage through the medicine closet for that razor blade and filling a tub with hot water.

Ric said...


TC said...

somebody shiv him in the shower... because this crew don't have a prayer unless they go "Nettles knocking Jesse's teeth out" nuts.

I figure there are at least five guys in that dugout that Paulie would just shoot dead. (Thurman wouls slaughter pretty much everyone... "Rivera? You live. Proctor? Yeah, I can work with you..."

Three for reason; the other two to hammer the message home.