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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Spitting on Their Plaques

The idea that Bowie Kuhn, Dick Williams, and that douchebag O'Malley are in The Hall, and guys like Whitey Herzog, Bert Blyleven, Jim Rice, Goose, Marvin Miller and Billy Martin are not is turning this entire election process into a goddamn joke. Bowie Kuhn was the dirty rotten SOB who was willing to go along with Ford Frick's idea to put an asterisk next to Roger Maris's name and treated Hank Aaron like dirt, fer chrissakes! O'Malley tore Brooklyn's heart out, leaving a stain on that borough's soul that to this day hasn't been washed away. And Dick Williams? You gotta be shitting me! Anyone who thinks he was a better manager than Billy or Whitey is just fucking ignorant.


El Jefe said...

Call me a Double Homer but I've got no problem with your points except for Dick Williams. He managed 3 teams to 4 World Series in 3 decades. Same fire and grit as Billy Martin but KNEW how to handle true stars (see A's, Oakland, 1972-73). I lived it in NoCal at the time. DBG would be Charlie O's bitch (You give me ONE example of a manager taking a team to the WS - and WINNING THE FUCKER TWICE - and getting fired the next season).

Now, does Whitey deserve to be in? OF COURSE he does.

TC said...

Double Homer.