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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sayonara, God-Zirra?

"With Johnny Damon in left and Jason Giambi as the designated hitter, Matsui's playing time would be reduced and could be the reason he wouldn't stand in the way of a trade. In order to approve a trade, the 33-year-old, who is owed $26 million across the next two years, could seek an extension from the Giants."

I've got this niggling thought: could the whole Giant thing be a fakeout? Could the Yanks really be putting a package together featuring Matsui--instead of Melky--and one of the Golden Children (plus farmhands) to snag Yohan?

I have absolutely nothing to base this on, but I cannot believe the Yanks are just walking away from the Santana sweepstakes. I also believe, based on things I've read, that Santana will NOT waive his no-trade unless the trade lands his butt in da Bronx.

Seriously, if you're Yohan, do you want the Green Monster looming over your shoulder for half the season?

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El Jefe said...

Ain't gonna happen now that Rowand signed.