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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Integrity of the game

I fully believe that the report on MLB substance abuse was a way for Used Car Bud to say, “Let’s let bygones be bygones and go forward.” Well, Buddy-boy, I say that’s too little and too late. You’re worried about the integrity of the game, huh? Then where were you in ’98 when your ascendancy was crowned with your being named Commish? You turned your back on the game. It was going on right in front of you and you chose not to act. Well, that was until congress got involved.

If you’re worried about the integrity of the game then I say this: resign. The Mitchell report was done to put the steroid era behind us. With that you should go to. As my Navy buddies always tell me, “The captain goes down with the ship.” Well, Bud-a-roo, you should go off into the deep blue sea powered by that report.

“But wait, El Jefe, who should be the next Commish?”

Glad ya’ asked ‘cause here’s two proposals: an elected commissioner by BOTH the players and the owners and one selected by fans by voting online

For the player/owner proposal:
1. Each team’s owner gets a vote
2. Each team’s player rep gets a vote

The candidates could be volunteers or chosen a la jury selection. Each side has ‘x’ number of potentials and each can have a number of ‘challenges’.

For the fan voting proposal:
1. Register as a candidate with your resume and statement of work on
2. Fans register to vote and can only vote once

Yeah, there’s holes in each but just having the owners select the commish NEVER has the best interests of the game at heart OR mind.


TC said...

See above post.

"You want 'integrity'? Everyone gets deposed."

TC said...

And--I can't believe I'm saying this-- COSTAS FOR COMMISSIONER!

Sometimes I find him unbearable, but after hearing his Mickey Mantle eulogy, I believe HE believes in the integrity, the goddamned beauty and everything it means, to the true fans of the game.

He'd send cheating SOBs to Siberia.

El Jefe said...

I've heard that call for Costas before. Yes, I believe he wants integrity in the game. However, with his Lib-Turd connections I'd bet dollars to donuts that we'd have a salary cap quicker'n shit thru a goose if he were commish

TC said...

That's when we apply the "STFU" valve.

Really, every league that put salary caps in place righteously suck.