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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Better HR Hitting through Chemistry

1986 - The Evolution of Barry Bonds - TIME

It's pretty obvious something was going on once you pass 1997. Enter the new century and the "hitting the gym" idea pretty much crumbles.

BALCO didn't get seriously involved with athletes until 1996.

Of course, that they were located in King Roid's backyard is strictly a co-inky-dence.

Too bad TIME couldn't include "hat size" in the stats they listed.


El Jefe said...

Still don't give a shit about the 'roid era. Far as I'm concerned Used Car Buddy and all his cronies outta be drummed outta baseball for looking the other way.

Even with the 'roids or not Bonds is still the best player of our generation. No argument.

TC said...

You are ignoramus.