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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Da Bronx Picks a new Bete Noir

Bald Vinny, calling out the center fielder's n...Image via WikipediaGod, that was the most brutal treatment I've heard the Stadium deliver, easily topping "Who's your Daddy?" The frightening thing (in a funny kind of way) was it could have been worse.

There were a LOT of people in the stands wearing colors from all around the league, which means it wasn't a normal Yankee Stadium "Zoo" crew. But many, many Bleacher Creatures (and wannabes) stuck around to take that shot at Papelbon, and riled the rest of the spectators up enough to join in on their twisted brand of enthusiasm.

Still, if this was a regular Yanks/Sawx game, the vitriol would have been a physical force... as would NYPD's response to the riots that would have broken out when Nationites retaliated against Mo.

Lord, next weekend's Fenway excursion is gonna be friggin' insane. Mumbles is gonna need to call out the National Guard.

PS: It was giddily glorious watching Mutt Billy Wagner blow the save.
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