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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boggs is dead to me

As with Joe Buck and Fox Sports everything about the introduction was WAY overdone.

However, Dave Winfield went up in my esteem for the 'dual' hat effort.

Boggs, THE FUCK, can BURN IN HELL for not at least wearing the Sawx hat.

My one wish: That Pudge was there and instead of doffing his Sawx cap, he unfurled this

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TC said...

When Winfield held up the hat, Wife said, "that was cool of him."

I said "oh fuck Mr. May. What hat is he wearing on his plaque? Not the interlocking NY. We'll hate him forever, and pandering won't change that fact."

I also said, "Boggs just re-enraged all of New England" when he took his dual hat turn.