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Friday, August 31, 2007

Ho Hum- Yanks Sweep

While the sweep was probably like a swift kick to the nuts to the reactionary WEEI mouth foaming pessimist fan, many enlightened Sox fans, like myself, are not very concerned about 3 straight losses. Here are five reasons:
1.) A big division lead fosters a lackadaisical attitude to the games. You want your team heading into the playoffs hot, playing hard like somebody shoved a hot poker up your ass.
2.) As we've seen, the 2007 Yanks have shown the ability to from white hot to ice cold. Each time the Yanks have closed the division gap, they coughed it back up faster than young Jimmy getting a handy from Mary Lou.
3.) The Sox starters havent lost their ability to pitch well.... the hitters (Mostly-Manniless) were scuffling this series against decent pitching, but goodbye NYC, hello Baltimore! 'nuff said there.
4.) The complexion of those games would have changed had they occurred at Fenway (JD homer= out, 2 Cano homers- out, out, A-Rod homer= single)
5.) Even if the Yanks creep in ala Wild Card, they'll get bounced by Anaheim in the A.L.D.S. (as we ALL know)

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TC said...

as per #2: Kinda like the Red Sox bats, eh? Feast against Chicago; famine in Da Bronx.