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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh Captain, Our Captain


8/2/79: Thurman Munson Dies In Plane Crash


El Jefe said...

Where is the 'Munson' of today? The Fisk? I fear that type of rivalry is gone forever

TC said...

Chief, they just don't seem to make guys like them anymore. The new breed just don't take it personally.

You never see two players who just flat out HATE each other and channel that fire into every game they play against each other. Everything now is strictly business. Whenever I see guys laughing and chatting when an opponent reaches some base, it makes me kind of sick. I remember little Buddy Harrelson and Pete Rose getting in that brawl and think "where did that attitude go?"

El Jefe said...

The only one in recent memory I can think of is Piazza and Chipper. Piazza would always say to him when he came to the plate, "Heard you were having some marital issues, Larry?" 'Cause Chipper HATES being called by his given name.

TC said...

See, that's what I mean. That is totally weak shit. (Now, if Chipper "accidently" bonked Piazza on a follow through after taking a swing of his bat, THEN we be talking! :-)