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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Proctor and not Farnsworth?

TC, your boys on the island got it right.

I still can't believe that Wilson Betemit is a Skank and Gagne isn't.


TC said...

Don't call them "my boys." They work for the Retreat. I have called DiBiase out in a bar full of his friends and watched them all STFU while I was staggering drunk and a stiff breeze would have put me on the floor. He's a dick.

As far as the other schmuck, back in the Eighties I played in a punk band that, among our self-penned tunes, included a ditty called "Bring Me the Head of Dean Balsamani."

bring me the head
of Dean Balsamini;
total little shit
his momma sucks his weenie

Too fucking stupid
to drive a truck;
So know he's another
Fingerboard putz.

He was (probably still is) the Retreat's "music" columnist back then. Every Friday, he'd tell us where some assclown Jersey Shore bands were playing, or who was on the bill at Brooklyn clubs like L'Amour, while totally ignoring all the local stuff that was going on.

The minute I saw where the link you loaded sent me I bailed right the fuck out. They are a couple of idiots who couldn't get real jobs so they are hiding out down on Fingerboard Road, writing shit nobody reads (except, obviously, fools like you).

TC said...

and the reason they couldn't peddle that motherfucker Farnsworth came down strictly to his salary. no one would take him unless Cash agreed to eat a chunk of it and/or give up some of the "crown jewel" kids in the Yankee system.

If it was me, I'd have eaten his entire salary just to remove him from before my eyes. Right now, that SOB is the single greatest threat to my television's existence.

TC said...

oh, and on a final note: I went back and read what whichever of those schmucks wrote, and you gotta admit, it's pretty damn funny that the entire riff was a response to shit Kay was saying while whichever of these "professional journalists" was watching Kay work while nestled in their comfy chair.

No original thought; nothing but dumbassed drivel.

And people wonder why i no longer bother with that rag except for occassional mockery?