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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Over

Yeah, they might earn the wildcard slot, but that just means they'll get blown away in Round One:
Time Torre throws changeup at rotation:
"A few days ago, Mike Mussina scoffed at any notion that he needed to pitch well last night to retain his spot in the rotation. 'Who would they replace me with?' Mussina asked dismissively. Three innings into a third straight disastrous start last night, you couldn't help thinking those might be remembered as famous last words from Mussina."

Melky saved him from getting yanked in the first inning. They can't DL Mussina; the league would never stand for it. The Yanks have two gaping holes in the starting rotation: Moose and Clemens. You can't--if you are honest--trust either one of them. It's Pettite, Wang, and "flip a fucking coin."

And now the Red Sox come to town.... Oh, Joy!


Ric said...

dont forget about the question mark that is Phil Franchise... Yanks fans everywhere are scrambling for stats to show how several HOF caliber pitchers had terrible first years.. i love it!

Ric said...

i cant wait for tomorrow nights game. clemens hits a batter.. maybe the first yanks/sox brawl in years!

TC said...

At this point, if he clips someone, he'd be lucky if Jorge steps in.

TC said...

Like I said: Pettie and Wang. The rest can kiss my Black Irish ass.

I've only got one bet running this year: versus a local Mutt fan, based on games out at the end of the season.


(in the back of my mind is the idea, "Petey's gonna come back and wreck me).

El Jefe said...

Fuck Pedro. To paraphrase a 'Kingpin' line: His arm's about as fresh as a Foghat concert.