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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not on His Own Team, but A-Hole is Definitely Gonna be the AL MVP

There's no way in hell it ain't gonna happen. After yesterday, he has his name notched next to Ruth, Mantle (who he most likely will pass within the next two weeks eight days, max ) and Maris as single season Yankee HR kings (and considering just how retarded his hot streak has been all season long, I would not dare bet against him passing those other two, too).

He's now hit more career HRs than any other third baseman, a record he already holds among shortstops.

Really, who the hell else could anyone vote for after this "magical" season shit?


Anyone who still thinks he's gonna opt out is out of their ever-loving, motherfucking mind. A-hole (or as I like to call him, "Chi Chi Rodriqweez"), is Madison Avenue GOLD as long as he wears Pinstripes. He leaves, he's a clean King Rhoid who will never hit Cooperstown with the impact he'd make having his plaque wearing a Yankee cap.

Just ask Dave Winfield. "Pimary Team=Yankees" Cap=Padre


Ric said...

classic yanks fan arrogance- not same impact without yanks cap? please... first ballot either way. is this "impact" the uncle of mystique and aura?

TC said...

No, it's stating the plain fact that as long as he is in Da Bronx, he will remain front and center and bask in unholy media saturation. If he goes anywhere else, it will dry up and he'll be relegated to the status of someone like tennis boy Federer: the best at his game, but basically a total blank spot on the major media's radar (except for rare occasions).

And saying "classic yank fan arrogance" when I straight up state I don't particularly like the guy is fucking puerile.