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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Who's Your Daddy Pappa-san?

Dice-K wriggled of the hook, Andy was flat and his fielders were kicking the ball around most of the night (note to AL: "don't try running on Melky... he kicks ass when it comes to assists"), but the Yanks blasted the crap out of the Boston bullpen's best to win a game they had no business winning:
This is why the New York Yankees are potentially the most dangerous team in the playoffs. That six-spot they put up in the eighth inning against two of the best relievers in baseball - Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon - is proof enough that the Yankees can hit good pitching.

What are the chances they'll come up against a pitching staff similar to the Tigers of last season and get shut down again? I wouldn't bet the house on it. Anyway, that was a hard question to answer last night after they overturned a 7-2 Sox lead and took an 8-7 victory last night at Fenway.

"It certainly makes us feel better than it makes them feel bad," said Yankees manager Joe Torre. "It's great for us. We lost a tough game in Toronto. We gave a lot away tonight. I want to say it's huge with 15-16 games left on the schedule. This is where emotion kind of takes over."

If I'm the Yankees, I fly Bucky in to deliver today's lineup card.


El Jefe said...

Much like you, TC, I was flinging shit all over the house in the 8th. Fucking Hiroshima all over again.

That said, I didn't expect the Sox to win that game. Tres petite usually KILLS us. But when we knocked him out and Dice kept us in the game...FUCK!!!

However, I did expect the win yesterday with AL Cy Young going for us. (Go ahead and admit it...Beck's the guy this year).

Today's going to be the toss up game. I give the edge to us as KKKlemens' elbow is a BIG if.

TC said...

Saturday's game was the one I had pegged as "FAIL" in this series....

But fer chrissakes! I never expected "FAIL HORRIBLY AND GET BITCHSLAPPED WHILE YOU'RE AT IT."

TC said...
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