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Monday, September 24, 2007

Joel Sherman Stirs Up Some Shit

“When you put on a uniform in the postseason, you’re available every day,” Mussina said. “That’s just simply the way it is.”

When asked if this represented a team-wide view, Mussina said, “I am pretty sure you can take a survey, and it would be the same opinion.”

Honest answer: "I have no idea."

Cash replies:
However, general manager Brian Cashman is entrusted to balance both the present and a future in which he wants a healthy, overpowering Chamberlain in the rotation. So as the overseer of the Joba Rules, he was hardly thrilled about Mussina’s sentiments, saying by phone last night, “Mike needs to worry about doing his job and we will do our job. “At the end of the day, we [upper management] know what we are doing.”

TC interprets Cashmanese: "Mussina, do you really want to fuck with me? STFU AND GBTW."

Hey, Moose? Here's a newsflash: You ain't necessarily needed for the 2008 rotation. Even if you go crazy hot, it might not earn you a spot. Joba already owns one of the right hand starting slots for next year. You? Two words: Bernie Williams.

You thinking dumping you would make Cash break a sweat?

"An Oriole? My right hand has more honor digging through a hole in my pants. At least Reggie's unbearable bullshit won games that counted and got me some rings. That clown? He couldn't even put away that asshat Everett with a perfecto on the line... now gimme a beer, my throat's tight from all this talking."


P. D. "Bo" Steele said...

Who is this Gnat's Trumpet character?

TC said...

He's our "Missing in Action" member of the crew.

TC said...

Actually, he's merely one of our missing trio (see:"lesley"; "Jon"), leaving me along against two feckless Fenway Fuckwits.

Who be you, Bo?