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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shades of Bucky

"It's an honor to watch the best clutch hitter in history do his thing, and the best closer in history do his thing," said Roger Clemens, who in his first start since Sept. 3 dueled Schilling to a 1-all tie before leaving after six innings. "Jeter is one of the reasons that I got up off the couch and came back."

Jeter's HR knocks Schilling off beat as Yanks edge Red Sox

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with the game on the line:
Bacon vs. Jeter: Red Sox FAIL.
Mo vs. Papi: Red Sox FAIL.

Yes, Jabo-san, the world is, once again, set right tonight.
Now go pray to Thurman and then off to bed.

Captain Obvious (Eric Hinske): "If you can’t get up for a Red Sox-Yankees game, you’ve got something wrong with you."


El Jefe said...

Well, at least Schill was a MAN about it when he owned up for that pitch (which BTFUCKINGW was 2 outs into the EIGHTH inning).

Unlinke Kunt KKKlemens who once again couldn't get into the seventh.

It don't matter anyway. The Skanks can't win the division and are more worried about Detroit catching them.

Ric said...

holyshit- the sox are intentionally tanking the divsion so yanks have to play the halos! sucks for the yanks...