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Friday, January 26, 2007

HA! Break the Katchup Money Out

He'll take Kerry out: Hot Air: Red Sox pitcher to run against Kerry?


El Jefe said...

I'll move back to Taxachusetts just to vote for him. That is as long as he runs on the Bloody Sock platform.

TC said...

I got Shill's campaign slogan: "At least I've done something!"

El Jefe said...

Too bad he's not running against The Kept Woman in '08 (unless of course he campaigns while pitching).

Would have loved to see a debate between the two:

Moderator: Mr. Kerry, who are your favorite Red Sox players?

Kerry: Manny Ortez, Ned Yost, and my esteemed opponent, Kent Shelling

Moderator: Mr. Schilling any reply to that?

Schilling: Can anyone explain to me how the great people of Massachusetts keep electing a tool like this?