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Monday, January 22, 2007

No Longer the "Whipping Boy"

Cashman glad he's not Boss' puppet anymore
The Yankees have gone six seasons without winning the World Series, a baseball eternity for a team of their stature. But Kevin Towers cannot remember a time when Brian Cashman has been happier.

'He had gotten to a point where he was beyond frustrated,' said Towers, the general manager of the San Diego Padres and one of Cashman's closest friends in the game. 'He was taking the heat, but it was for things that were beyond his control.

'But when I talk to him now, he's a different man. Brian is doing what he wants to do, and I have to say, it's not good for the rest of us.'


El Jefe said...

Oh, puh-lease! He's comfortable with an XL toy is all he's comfortable with. The 'boy' has marching orders, plain and simple.
What was the line from Spinal Tap? The patron saint of pale white boys?

TC said...

oh-kay.... So your little "Boy Genius" has anything close to "Boss George Made Me Bald!" Cash's autonomy? Doesn't have a certain someone looking over his shoulder at every frick'n move he might wanna make?

Be serious. Epstein has a fuck lot more hassle than Cashman.

El Jefe said...

True, Little Lord Fauntleroy has Skeletor watching his every move. However, he isn't perceived as the 'Whipping Boy' as much as Cashman. THAT you have to admit to.

TC said...

Dude, DBG is retired (unless that prick Clemens has his home phone number... then, all bets are off). His son-in-law is driving the bus, and he's leaving Cashman to call the personnel shots.

Ric said...

cashman should start addressing the need for a future catcher and closer

TC said...

I think that's why he's loading up on prospects, Ric.