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Monday, January 29, 2007

Sometimes Lupica is the Dumbest Fuck on the Planet

New York Daily News - Mike Lupica - Mike Lupica's Shooting From The Lip: Joe, Alex on hot seat:
"It is interesting how these things work out sometimes. Joe Torre's fate and A-Rod's fate are suddenly intertwined. "

Yeah, right, Mikey. Uncle Joe walks away with his number already retired, and his place in Pinstripe history assured. A-Hole, even if he has a monster season, and the Yanks go on to a World Series victory, is still fucking A-Hole; unworthy to be Jeter's goddamn caddy.


El Jefe said...

Lupica loves the sound of his own voice. Fuck him gently with a chain saw.

TC said...

you Sox guys... "GENTLY"... not on my planet.