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Saturday, January 20, 2007

They ain't reported yet....but

Compare and contrast Skanks and Sox lineups as of today...

Starting pitching: Sox
Relief pitching: Sox
Closer: Skanks
Infield offense: Skanks
Outfield offense: Skanks
Infield defense: Sox (just)
Outfield defense: Skanks

I fully expect DBG to make his whipping boy get some pitching before the start of the season. Who knows who'll be starting in right for the Sox. Me? I'd love to start Hinske in right, Willy Mo in center and Just Drop Drew.


Ric said...

ok- but sox take outfield offense

TC said...

"ok- but sox take outfield offense"

LUCY! You have some 'slainin' to do.

TC said...

you are not taking into account Ca$hman just brought in a huge chunk of young-armed punks.

El Jefe said...

Yes, I am taking into account Whipping Boy getting the arms from Arizona and Detroit. As of today the Skanks starting and relief pitching is not as good as the Sox. But, like I said, Whipping Boy has his marching orders and will get something done before the trade deadline, if not the start of the season.