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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Bestest Way to Spend a Rainy Sunday

Yogi and a Movie: "The Jackie Robinson Story"

It's such a horrible movie that I just love it.


El Jefe said...

Next person who refers to themselves as an 'African-American' gets this question posed to them from me:

"Oh, yeah? Which country in Africa are you from?"

Swear to Jesus I'm kicking Joe Fucking Morgan in the head when I see him.

TC said...

I pull that all the time. I usually get a sputtering reply of, "well, YOU are an Irish-American, right?"

ME: "No, numbnuts, my mother and father were Irish-born, then emigrated and became American citizens. I was born in the fucking Bronx. My relatives in Ireland would laugh their asses off if I tried to associate myself personally Ireland."

Although, as a first generation spawn of former Irish citizens, I've been told I can get an Irish passport if I was so inclined.... go figure.