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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Was This A-Hole's RhoidBoy Moment?

Rodriguez hits grand slam to win it

While being ordered about in a Spring Cleaning frenzy I'm watching the game and saying, "oh, Jesus, Clemens is SO coming back." Then RhoidBoy jacks a three, and I'm saying, "Honey? THE LIVING ROOM IS MINE." Then comes the ninth; Cano gets on and my "Hazel" act ends. Jeter walks. I say out loud, "Oh shit, here goes A-Hole."

Wife--who had also left her cleaning behind--says "Abreu's up."

ME: "No, he'll get on. The Gods demand this comes down to A-Hole."

Abreu gets nailed on the knee and I'm all, "I told you! If he doesn't drive in at least one run he's gonna get crucified on the Easter edition back pages and there ain't enough shrinks in the city to pull him out of the boo-hole he gets buried in."

And he smacks it into the black seats. Not just over the wall; over the old wall.

Death Valley. Mantle & Reggie territory.

I cannot wait to see how the NY Posties and Daily News' crew deal with writing the headline.

I think this might be like RhoidBoy's ninth inning, in the rain slam; it might make people cut him some goddamn slack. Look, I don't like the guy, at all, as you all know. But jumping all over his shit this early doesn't do anyone good.

So maybe today gives him some breathing space... as long as he doesn't forget to "shut the fuck up and play!"

RhoidBoy rode that slam... maybe not back into everyone's heart (I still think he should be fucking indicted), but at least he showed he wasn't gonna whine; wasn't gonna cry to reporters, and realized "Do something!" is all we request if we're gonna pay the ridiculous money that finances your fat life.

I also liked that when A-Hole rounded third and was heading for home, the first two guys to greet him were Jorge and Jeter. The Old Guard. It diffused all the internecine bullshit.

Just win, baby!


El Jefe said...

It definitely was his moment. Did you hear Gay-Rod's interview after the fact? "I knew it was going to come down to me."

What a fucking tool.

TC said...

hey, he also said "one way or another" when he said that. He knew, precisely, what was gonna come down on his head if he didn't come through.

But he is, at the end of the day, still good ol' A-Hole... you can't beat the idiot out of him even if you're wielding a hockey stick.