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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Full Blown Panic Mode

Desperate Bombers say 'Hughes gotta believe'

So it's come to this: Hughes will be the fifth rookie to start a game this season. At that time, kids who should be down on the farm, learning, will have been thrown into this season's sausage machine for 25% of the games played. Andy friggin' Pettite is the only face Torre seems to trust coming out of the bullpen. It feels like Farnsworth has been banished to some hell dimension on Planet Torre while Vizcaino, Proctor and Bruney are vieing for the title of "first reliever to burn out before the All Star break."

Clemens has gotta be loving this.

If not for A-Hole's torrid hitting, Darth Boss George would have gone full-tilt psycho by now.

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