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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

God Damnit, Someone Cut Proctor's Nuts Off, NOW!

Dear Darth Boss George,
Fire Torre. Light Mattingly's ass on fire.
But fer chrissakes, DO SOMETHING.


Ric said...

poor DBG- he's probably currently being spoon fed oatmeal and scribbling in a coloring book.

TC said...

There's a level of Hell Dante never dreamed about waiting for you.

Ric said...

man, that AROD sure is a luvable endearing player, huh? adored by his peers I tell you!

TC said...

Oh, bullshit. If that idiot backed off the play because A-Hole shouted "Hey!"; "Mine!", or "Your mamma wears combat boots!" it's his own damn "heading to Triple AAA anyway" fault the ball wasn't caught.

You'd think he'd recognize his shortstop's voice, and that A-Hole's shout WAS NOT HIS GUY.

And A-Hole--and Damon in the post-game interviews--trying their damnedest not to laugh out loud was fickin' priceless.