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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Take a Look Over at Third

village voice > news > Runnin' Scared: Bring Me the Head of Joe Torre by Allen Barra:
It's being argued that the Yankees can't let Joe Torre go because they don't have a Billy Martin drill-instructor type waiting in the wings to jolt this team out of its complacency. It may be, though, that such a veteran team doesn't need a DI—just a manager who is more of a first sergeant and less of an uncle.

I know it's near heresy, but If Uncle Joe gotta go, wouldn't Larry Bowa be the obvious choice to replace him?


Ric said...

if joe were to go, clemens would give cashman a noogie..

TC said...

no, he knows who signs the check.

El Jefe said...

Yeah, they just loved his ass in Philly so much they had to let him go.

Too bad DBG took a pass on Lou.

TC said...

Lou only gets allowed back in for Old Timer's games.

with an NYPD escort.

TC said...

We KNOW he'll go for DBG's throat.