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Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Ugly Trend

Since 1932, the Yankees have only won two World Series (1956 and 1958) under a Republican President (and only six total of their twenty six titles). All eight of the championships over the last 48 years have come while a Democrat was in the Oval Office, despite Democrats holding the Office only 20 of those 48 years. In other words during those Democrat administrations, the Yankees are 8 for 20, during the Republican ones, 0 for 28. The Red Sox are the opposite; in a small sample size (very small), they have won all of their championships over the last 88 years while a Republican was in office.

TC, unless the Yankees win this year or the next, I'm afraid that for the good of the team we might need to vote Blue next time.


TC said...

You just want me to break something, don't you? The secong game against the Mutts came close, and on the cusp of the Sox coming into Da Bronx, you feed me this?

When the TV dies (I'm almost certain it's gonna go "boom" this week) I'm laying the blame on you....

El Jefe said...

So, another fucking Lib-Tard has convinced himself (and pressing others) to vote for either the Hildabeast or Hussein.

Or, better yet, how about the inventor of this wonderful medium you are enjoying right now: AL GORE.

What a tool.

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

E.J., I can only assume that you are referring to me as the "Lib-Tard" whatever that is.

Perhaps this is the reason I was unable to figure out what the hell your point was on that post about Kei being sent down, you lack the reading comprehension skill necessary to develop a point. Perhaps it would have been easier for you to understand if I would have phrased my last sentence like this: "TC, unless the Yankees win this year or the next, I'm afraid that we might need to sacrifice the country for the good of the team and vote Blue next time."

It's unthinking knee jerk comments like yours that give fuel to the elitists on the other side when they argue that the good folks on the right are less intelligent than them.

If you need further proof of the side of the aisle to which my allegiances lie take a look at what I wrote under the name Eddie (can you figure our why I chose that name?) at another blog of mine, since abandoned, about Reagan the week after he died. Do you think a "Lib-Tard" would have written that?

Call me a tool if you like, but do it for the right reasons.

By the way, I just thought that the above statistics were amusing, and I thought my line about the Red Sox was funny too. If you're interested, the other championships for the Red Sox (the ones from long ago) came under Democrat administrations and the first four for the Yankees came under Republicans.

TC said...

(TC sits on the sideline, clapping like a bastard)

TC said...

Oh, BTW? Blow me, Chief. When Gnat's Trumpet dresses you down, you're naked.

Ric said...

im here to shit on the yanks not to listen to some shit-stain's politics ;)

El Jefe said...

I'm with to shit on the Skanks and not wax poetic vis-a-vis red/blue. We can do that at the Penguin and a thousand other sites.

BTW: Reagan was the reason I did 20 for my country. And, yes, I will take a bullet for it if YOUR Senator from Chappaqua gets elected.