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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stop The Presses!

This would be comical if the bum wasn't making $40 million for his four year vacation, which comes complete with dugout seats for every game.


TC said...

Hey, Punkass got to pitch Opening Day at the Stadium, and won. Sometime during his second start the voice in his head said: "Okay, our work here is done, Big Guy. Let's call it a season and get back to chasing models."

TC said...

Maybe it's the "get off my lawn!" old man in me, but when I see that "discomfort" crap spilling from Punkass's lips, I just imagine Thurman rising from his grave and beating that bastard bloody.

"That's "discomfort," you little frickin' girl. Now shut up and pitch, you nancy little bitch!"