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Friday, May 11, 2007

Something's gotta give

When did the AL East become the worst division in all of the bigs?

Only one team with a record above .500?

Oh, yeah, that's right...KKKlemens is back. Might as well issue the WS rings on the mound at Fenway prior to his start there.

Tell DBG to give Theo a call. I hear that he can get Matt Clement on the cheap.

Better yet, call Seattle. Post-season wonder-boy (and former Yankee great) Jeff Weaver should be available.

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TC said...

This division is gonna be Yanks versus Sox, period, for the immediate future. Unless the other owners get into the game it ain't gonna change. Toronto gambles (BJ) but won't go all in. Baltimore is long gone when it comes to competing, or the Yanks never get Moose.

Tampa is triple A. And their owner has made it damn clear that's how he wants to stay.